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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

USA (1,317)
England (122)
Germany (32)
Ireland (13)
France (8)
Northern Ireland (6)
Canada (4)
Scotland (3)
Switzerland (3)
Burial Hill Cemetery (2)
Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery (2)
Orleans Cemetery (2)
Spring Grove Cemetery (2)
Goose Creek Burying Ground (2)
Austin Memorial Park Cemetery (2)
Mount Olivet Cemetery (2)
Arlington Memorial Park (2)
Old Town Cemetery (2)
Netherlands (2)
Mount Hope Cemetery (2)
Salem Street Burying Ground (2)
Rose Hill Cemetery (Iowa) (2)
Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Cemetery (2)
MO) (2)
Riverside Cemtery (Crete) (2)
Riverside Cemetery (Iowa) (2)
Rose HIll Cemetery (2)
Cove Burying Ground (2)
Park Cemetery (Missouri) (2)
Old North Burying Ground (2)
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